Interviewing Well

Most people feel nervous during interviews but preparing well will help! Some tips are: 

1. Prepare your stories
Most interviews are behavioural-based ie the ones that ask for situations from your past. Avoid trying to guess the actual questions and instead think of the 6-8 most important competencies for the role. Ask yourself: what skills and experience does the interviewer really need to know? Not: what am I busting to tell them! Then match a story you can draw from to each. There is always an element of thinking on your feet but having your stories ready to go is half the battle.

2. Take a cheat sheet
There is no need to bring reems of paper but you can have in front of you a simple, single-page cheat sheet. Usually once you have it there, you will not need it! Consider writing a few prompting words against the likely competencies for the role. Do not write stories out – you want something you can flick to scan to find the right information. You might also use it to jot down the crux of each question if you tend to lose your train of thought.

3. Competitive advantages
These are the things you can offer that most other people cannot. They may include experience in a similar role or company, specialist qualifications or particularly relevant soft skills (such as your ability to negotiate). These are not your best strengths generally but your best strengths relevant to that role. These three factors answer a range of general ice-breaker questions such as “What attracted you to the role”. “Well I feel I can offer three things…”.