Career Steer offers our clients insight, ideas and impact.

We build individuals’ self-awareness, confidence and skills to guide them through workplace and career change. From mentoring in the earliest stages, to coaching and training for career development and progression, mediation to resolve conflict and finally to outplacement or other career transition services on departure.

Career Steer is an Aboriginal-owned and run consultancy. In addition to supporting your broader workforce, we offer specialist and culturally appropriate services to attract, grow and retain your Indigenous employees. We would love to help you.


Career Steer and our consultants are members of various professional associations and procurement portals:

  • Supply Nation - Certified Supplier
  • Kinaway (Victorian Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce) - Certified Supplier
  • Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA)
  • Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA)
  • Industry Capability Network Victoria (ICN)
  • Vendor Panel