CV/Resume Preparation

CV/Resume Preparation

Your CV or resume is your chance to shine before your potential employer ever gets to meet you in person.  Our CV service helps you ensure you are always putting your best foot forward.

Our three options for this service are as follows:

  • Minor revision includes some reformatting and rewording - ideal if you are pretty happy with your CV but would like a professional set of eyes to check it out before submission.
  • Major revision includes a complete revamp of your existing CV.  You will have a document to begin with, but it needs a major update.
  • From scratch is for those who do not have a CV, or have not created one for some time. We will assist you to create your CV/resume including all necessary information.

Please note, this service is conducted 'in absentia'. Once you have purchased this service we will send you details of how you can submit the information we need to assist you, and the process we will undertake. You will be asked to provide your existing CV in Microsoft Word (or similar editable) format, along with any other information that may be relevant, such as a job description etc. Purchase of this service may be tax deductible and services are transferable between parties. 

Regular price $242.00
including GST

Helping someone to further their career is a gift that keeps on giving!  

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  • Payment must be made in full before services commence or appointments are scheduled.
  • All appointments require 24 business hours’ notice of cancellation. Should you need to reschedule an appointment within this timeframe, please do so on our booking system. We will make all reasonable efforts to use the time effectively for you where the appointment might otherwise be lost.  
  • Services are charged by the hour and therefore include all work undertaken on your behalf. We will engage in reasonable email exchanges and phone calls but may charge where this proves excessive.
  • Once purchased, services must be booked/commenced within 6 months of the purchase date and completed within 12 months of the purchase date.
  • Services may be transferred between parties.
  • While we are great at what we do, no guarantees are made as to a party's success on any given job application.